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  • Curriculum

    The teachers at North Metro Flex Academy deliver some lessons via an interactive whiteboard and engage the class through whole and small group interactions. There are key points during the day where students may be working individually on lessons or engage with supplemental products designed to enrich or remediate specific skills. The use of technology and the curriculum students interact with are orchestrated by the teacher to make learning efficient, effective and engaging.

    The educational research is clear that the number one factor in student achievement is the quality of the teacher in their classroom. As part of their work with students, teachers need a core curriculum that best supports each students’ learning of the standards. 

    With this in mind, we reviewed curriculum using these key questions:

    • Is it aligned with Minnesota Academic Standards?
    • Is it grounded in a solid research base?
    • Does it include regular assessments that mirror the depth and types of questions found on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA)?
    • How much professional development is required in order to use the curriculum with fidelity and achieve the student achievement goals that we expect?
    • Does it meet the needs of a range of learners, including both advanced learners as well as those that need additional practice?
    • Is it unbiased with regards to ethnicity, gender, geography and religion?
    • Does it meet the budget parameters as set forth by the Board of Directors?
    • Is technology an integral component of the program for both teachers and students?

    After an extensive review using these questions as our guide, we have chosen core curriculum for Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Additional components may be added as supplementary materials to best meet students’ needs. Read below for more information about each program.





    Grades: K-4

    Program: Go Math

    Read all about Go Math and see how the program works.




    Grades: K-4

    Program: Journeys

    Learn more about the different components in the program.





    Grades: K-4

    Program: Science Fusion

    Read more about the many components the program contains that support science instruction in the classroom.




    Grades: K-4

    Program: Harcourt Social Studies

    Read more about the many components the program contains that support social studies  instruction in the classroom.