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    We accept online enrollment applications for interested families. If you prefer to submit a written enrollment application, please send an email request to enroll@northmetroflex.com and an application and submission directions will be sent to you.
  • Instructional Approach

    A well designed, thoughtful instructional model is imperative to achieve the school’s goals. Starting in 2017-18 school year we will be serving grades K-5.  The basis of our K-5 instructional model includes:


    • Standards-based curriculum that has a solid research base;
    • Well planned segmentation of the academic time for each subject so that individual needs are met, while also working on grade level content;
    • Regular analysis of the achievement data to inform student grouping and monitor progress;
    • Individualized academic coaching by the Teaching and Learning Coordinator (TLC) to develop highly effective classroom and special education teachers; and
    • Physical space design that supports flexible groups and the use of technology.


    Our school is an innovative redesign of traditional public education. Core to its design is cutting edge, technologically-based curriculum and instantaneous data collection that allows for individualized learning.


    GRADES K-5

    school-kid2-2At these grade levels students learn their core concepts using a world-class digital and physical curriculum while highly qualified, Minnesota certified teachers provide direct instruction to students. Teachers in grades K-5 deliver whole group standards-based instruction via an interactive whiteboard and then differentiate the groups for additional practice and application of the standards in the lesson. The lessons are supported by a variety of physical materials for hands-on practice and the application of concepts.


    To facilitate the delivery and monitoring of classroom instruction, we use several key components of the Rotation model—Station Rotation and Lab Rotation—as described by the Clayton Christensen Institute of Disruptive Innovation. Both of these models allow teachers to adjust and monitor instruction effectively to ensure all students master the standards taught at that grade level.


    Our school design, with its small groups and personalization, is particularly well-suited to meeting the needs of very diverse students and creating a positive learning environment where all students are supported.